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Mr Alex Chapman - Consultant Urological Surgeon

Mr Chapman is a consultant urologist in NHS Fife where he is the Head of the Urology Department. Mr Chapman has interest in all aspects of urology and specialises in urological cancer as well as benign conditions. He also advises on and involved with the design and development of emerging medical technologies and devices.

He is happy to provide treatment for:

Andrology issues : fertility, low testosterone, vasectomy / reversal , penile curvature, testicular pain

Bladder dysfunction: Urinary Tract Infection, Bladder Overactivity, Urinary incontinence, Pelvic Pain

Haematuria (Blood in Urine) Investigations

Prostate issues: PSA testing, Prostate cancer, urinary symptoms, mp-MRI and Prostate Biopsy

Kidney Issues : Stones, Kidney pain and infections

Plus other problems relating to the genitor-urinary system

To book an appointment with Mr Chapman please call 01382 549088 or contact us.