Pain Medicine Service


We manage a wide variety of both acute and chronic pain problems and our specialist has a particular interest in minimally invasive, non-surgical, approaches to treatment.

He aims to reduce pain and restore function in the quickest time possible with minimal recovery period.  

Common pain problems treated include:

  • lower back pain

  • sciatica

  • shoulder, hip and knee pain

  • Other pain problems include: peripheral nerve pain, post-herpetic neuralgia, head and neck pain and complex regional pain syndrome.

We carry out a thorough assessment of a pain problem with review of medication and arrange further investigation and treatment as necessary.

Most procedures can be carried out from our Dundee clinic however some procedures require a higher level of monitoring and specialised equipment and are carried out elsewhere

Typical procedures I can offer in clinic:

  • Peripheral nerve block

  • Ultrasound guided sacro-iliac joint injection

  • Painful muscle / trigger point injection

  • Piriformis muscle injection (image guided)

  • Botox injection

  • Qutenza patch treatment

Procedures that require to be done with x-ray guidance, higher level of monitoring:

  • Epidural steroid injection, selective nerve root block, lumbar facet joint injections, radiofrequency denervation of lumbar facet joints, cooled RF denervation of hip or knee, pulsed RF denervation of suprascapular nerve

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