Investigations (Scans and Tests)


Alongside our comprehensive range of services we also offer rapid access to scanning.

If you are awaiting a NHS scan - in most cases this can be a “test only package” but in some cases (especially for scans involving radiation) you may need to also undergo medical assessment to ensure the safety of the procedure.

We have a range of tests available - most are carried out on site in our Dundee Clinic rooms but others are offered via our partners also situated in Dundee.

Contact us to discuss the test you want and we will give you all the options.

We currently offer the following - most scans performed within 5 working days and all include a full written report - example prices are available here but call us for an exact quote.

* Echocardiography (Heart Scan)

* Ultrasound Scans of Abdomen

* Ultrasound Scans of Pelvis (Ovaries/Womb)

* Exercise Tolerance Testing

* MRI Scans

* CT Scans

* Blood tests

* Calprotectin

* Endoscopy (Upper and Lower)