Private Gynaecology

What do Gynaecologist do?


Gynaecologists are specialists who look after the female reproductive system. This includes the ovaries and womb.

They see and investigate patients with a range of symptoms including problems with periods, abdominal pain, bloating and bleeding from the vagina.

What services do they offer?


Our specialist clinicians offer a range of consultation and investigation options.

New Patient Consultation

This is an introductory consultation to determine the cause of your symptoms. As part of this consultation the specialist will ask questions about your symptoms, examine you and suggest if any tests are required.

These tests may include blood tests, which can be taken immediately; other tests such as scans that can be arranged quickly and conveniently at time that suits you.

After the consultation a letter summarising the consultation and any recommendations for investigations is provided electronically to you and with your permission to your GP.

How much would this cost?


Examples of our self pay prices are available here. Our team can help with exact pricing and as with all our services you will have a full quotation before you attend and you will be made aware of all costs in advance. There are no hidden costs.

If you have a condition that requires check-up appointments, these can be arrange and you can register for our text reminder service.

How to book?


You can self refer by using the link below or you can ask your GP/health professional to refer you to Tayside Complete Health.

To book an appointment please contact us