Private Clinical Psychology

What do Clinical Psychologists do?


Clinical Psychologists have completed specialist Post-Graduate training in assessment and treatment of Mental Health/Psychological Problems. A Clinical Psychologist can work with you to improve your emotional and mental well -being drawing on a number of evidence-based treatments.


What services do Clinical Psychologists offer?


The Clinical Psychology service provides fast track assessment and treatment for anyone experiencing psychological problems, such as;


·      Depression

·      Anxiety Disorders (PTSD, Phobias, Panic Disorder, OCD, Social anxiety, Health anxiety, Generalised Anxiety Disorder)

·      Sleep Problems

·      Work related stress

·      Low self-esteem

·      Relationship issues

·      Sexual health problems

·      Low self-confidence

·      Psychological problems related to physical health such as (Chronic pain, Diabetes, IBS, Cardiology, Dermatology)


We also offer a Psychology and Sports Service for anyone involved in sport -Amateur and Professional experiencing Mental Health or Psychological Problems impacting upon sports performance. Psychology applied to sport can help you;


·      Build confidence

·      Learn strategies to manage anxiety, including Pre-competition stress

·      Learn how to manage and increase self-control of emotions

·      Manage negative thinking

·      Learn how to manage anxiety around post injury/illness rehabilitation and return to activities


New Patient Consultation


Clinical Psychology appointments are between 50-60 minutes. At your first appointment, a history will be taken of your current problems. It is also helpful for the Clinical Psychologist to find out about your previous coping style and to learn about any lifelong difficulties. The Clinical Psychologist will also ask you to complete two routine questionnaires (a mood screen and one related to anxiety symptoms). The Clinical Psychologist will then discuss with you the best treatment option and the number of sessions that you may require. 

How much would this cost?


Examples of our self pay prices are available here. Our team can help with exact pricing and you will be made aware of all costs in advance. There are no hidden costs. 


How to book?


You can self refer or can ask your GP/Health Professional to refer you to Tayside Complete Health.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.