Private Memory Clinic


We offer a full memory service led by a Consultant Psychiatrist and a team of neuropsychologists.

What is the memory service?

The Tayside Complete Health memory assessment service is suitable for those in mid to later life who are concerned about their memory. We can also offer assessment and advice to those who are worried about developing memory symptoms or dementia in the future.

What is involved?

A 90 minute initial assessment appointment will be conducted by an experienced consultant specialising in cognitive disorders. This includes a clinical interview, examination and full cognitive testing.

There are many reasons why people can experience cognitive difficulties and your doctor will explain the results of your assessment and how this relates to your symptoms.

What else might be needed?

In many cases, blood tests and a brain scan (MRI) can be very helpful in determining the reasons for memory problems and your doctor will explain the reasons for this and arrange the tests with your prior consent.

How much does this cost?

Initial 90 minute consultation £300

30 minute Return Consultation £100

Potential Extras:

Blood Testing (Memory Package) £150

MRI Head £400

To discuss this our any other service please call 01382 549088 or contact us.